obamacare enrollment increases up to nearly 18 million

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pandora jewelry One study found low cerebral rStO2 associated with lower developmental score at 2 years of age in infants born very preterm.11 Two other studies found that a low cerebral rStO2 on the first day of life was associated with higher grade germinal matrix intraventricular haemorrhage.12 13 In a piglet model it was shown that a low cerebral rStO2 must be maintained some time before manifest brain damage occurs.14 15 Furthermore, preclinical data suggest that hyperoxia damages the immature brain.16 17 These results indicate that both hypoxia and hyperoxia of the brain should be avoided, if possible. Cerebral rStO2 monitoring and a dedicated treatment guideline18 are the cornerstones of a brain oriented protection strategy, with the goal of reducing periods of deleterious imbalance between oxygen delivery and consumption. The pilot showed that clinical implementation of this combined intervention in a single centre was feasible.19 We designed a phase II trial to test the hypothesis that the burden of hypoxia and hyperoxia could be reduced by the combination of cerebral NIRS monitoring and a dedicated treatment guideline, and to demonstrate the feasibility of conducting a multicentre randomised clinical trial with a complex intervention in infants across Europe.20 The ultimate goal would be to increase the survival of preterm infants without severe neurodevelopmental impairment.MethodsThis is a phase II randomised, blinded, feasibility trial of a medical device pandora jewelry.