suicide note reveals murder confession

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pandora jewelry But the company has managed to secure enough buses to maintain service until the cleanup is done, he said, calling the situation logistic challenge. Understand there a lineup of freight trains that cannot go through as a result of the derailment, he added.Stranded Via Rail passengers in Montreal after CN train derailment on July 10, 2014.Anne Leclair/Global NewsStranded Via Rail passengers in Montreal after CN train derailment on July 10, 2014.Anne Leclair/Global NewsWhat were the trains carrying?A CN official said derailed cars included twoloaded automobile carriers, five carrying carbon powder, 12 unloaded fuel tank and six empty platforms.ACN spokesperson said there doesn appear to be any leaks coming from the fuel tank cars.UPDATE 3/5: The fuel tank cars, though unloaded, contain a fuel residue. Initial information is that that there are no leaks or exposures.Lars Hagberg/The Canadian PressFirefighters walk on a road near the derailed train tracks near Brockville, Ont. pandora rings, on Thursday July 10, 2014.Lars Hagberg/The Canadian PressFire fighters walk near the derailed train near Brockville, Ont., on Thursday July 10, 2014.Lars Hagberg/The Canadian PressVIA Rail service was disruptioned after a 26 car CN freight train derailed inBrockville, Ont pandora jewelry.