CVF Media TeamAnother example of wasted police time. The fact is, cannabis is safer for adults to consume than alcohol, and much safer to consume than tobacco, and yet the taxpayer is still expected to pay to lock people up for growing it. replica oakley sunglasses Under a legalised and regulated system, thousands of police and court hours would be saved to deal with real crime, and thousands of legal, taxable jobs would also be created..

replica oakleys COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) President David H. Swinton personally responded to the petition, called “Take Back Benedict,” in a letter sent directly to the petition’s creator, a student named Vi’Dual Futch.According to Futch’s petition, he feels it is his duty as a student to “address certain issues that threaten the current and future well being of Benedict College.””We love Benedict as much as you do and this is why we are deeply troubled to witness what we feel are negative developments in the college financial practices, treatment of student life and neglect of the academic arena,” Futch wrote.Futch goes on to list other grievances against the college, claiming the school is neglecting students, has a “lack of fiscal discipline,” and the university spends “its time policing student life” instead of fostering a positive educational arena.”Inaction and silence, however, amounts to acceptance of the unacceptable. Benedict deserves better,” Futch wrote. replica oakleys

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cheap oakleys Support from the community has remained strong as letters and messages continue to flood her hospital room. Family friends have raised tens of thousands of dollars at recent well attended benefit events. Next Friday, Santa Barbara Junior High School will host a showing of “The Goonies” at 7 pm the Marjorie Luke Theatre. cheap oakleys

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cheap oakley sunglasses At the latest Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton didn have the bravura night that she did last month in Las Vegas. Bernie Sanders tried to stick to his message as much as he could even as the Paris terrorist attacks overshadowed all else. And Martin O tried his best to show he was a viable, and bit younger alternative to his rivals cheap oakley sunglasses.