Worked until the last few days, said Vince Bagoyo, who had known Luna since the early 1970s. One of my best friends. He kind of my mentor. Wow, having been in the concrete culvert enclosing Tanyard Creek under the stadium puts you in rare company, Lee. Though, knowing the general state of that creek, I’m not sure I envy you! I remember when Secret Service agents had to check out the culvert before Prince Charles came to Sanford. I never snuck into a game, but there were a couple of times when a cop on the main gate let us in for free because he knew my Dad..

I use 5 little magic words: “That sounds a little high.” And then you pause. No matter what dollar amount the customer puts out, just state the 5 magic words and then sit back and wait for their response. Most people become increasingly uncomfortable with silence and will feel compelled to respond.

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