Statistical analysisAll statistical analyses were done using Stata software. We combined relative risk estimates of disease events from individual trials using a random effects model31 (which avoids assuming that participants in the individual trials in the meta analysis are sampled from populations in which the intervention has the same quantitative effect). Summary relative risk estimates from blood pressure difference trials were standardised to a blood pressure reduction of 10 mm Hg systolic or 5 mm Hg diastolic, by raising the relative risk estimate in each trial to the appropriate power (10 divided by the observed reduction in systolic blood pressure or 5 divided by the observed reduction in diastolic pressure) for example, if the relative risk was 0.7 and the reduction in systolic blood pressure was 8 mm Hg, the standardised relative risk estimate was 0.64 (0.71.25, since 10/8=1.25).

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